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Explore the green space of Vam Ho

Wednesday, 22/05/2019, 09:53 GMT+7

Drive southward for about three hours from HCMC and you shall arrive in Ben Tre, a Mekong Delta province famous for its coconut forests, shrimp ponds and blue rivers. Apart from such typical attractions, Ben Tre has the tourist site Vam Ho by the Ba Lai River, the ancient temple of Phu Le and its traditional rice alcohol that may be used to make a delicious chicken dish…

During your trip to the Mekong Delta, the first thing coming to your mind is definitely the comfort and excitement of having an interesting day off in the countryside with a serene space of golden fields in the harvest season and green gardens along both sides of the road. Take the Saigon-Trung Luong Expressway, passing through Tien Giang and Rach Mieu Bridge, and you will get to Ben Tre and begin the journey to explore the green space of Vam Ho Ecological Tourist Area in Ba Tri.

The path to the farm is quite winding since roads and bridges are under construction everywhere to better the traffic. It’s easy to catch sight of the splendid yellow wildflowers along the way and long canals that create a lush green landscape. The farm is located next to Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, so you just have to look up to spot the soaring birds. Even when standing on a big road, you can still hear birds singing in a part of the forest.

Step into the farm and you shall enter a world of fruits such as grapefruit, guava, dragon fruit, jack fruit, plus ponds and canals where games are held. The farm also offers you ao ba ba, the traditional garment of southerners, to take on the role of farmers. At the farm, you may participate in the game of folding coconut leaves into the shape of birds and flowers under the helpful guidance of the experienced.

Most of the tasty dishes here are made from ingredients found right in the garden: vegetables, crayfish and free rangers. All are rural and rustic so that you feel free to explore and relive your childhood with the most comfortable moments, such as when you ride the bike along a village road lined by fruit gardens in early morning... As the sun goes down, following the gliding birds, you may go deep into the forest to watch each flock of birds engaging in a range of upbeat activities. The sounds of storks and night herons hovering and landing over the tops of the trees, bouncing around every time they sense humans, will make you feel like you are part of this dimension. The pathway into the forest makes it easy to walk but is no less poetic with wasp arches and luxuriant groves just like a house made from roots in the middle of the forest.

Putting on ao ba ba and carrying a basket into the grapefruit garden to pick the ripening ones and enjoy them right away shall be a very memorable experience. Stretching over nearly 10 hectares, the farm offers everything you need for exploration. The lodging facility is not air-conditioned but airy, where you can smell the fragrance of grapefruit in its flowering season, with bushes of golden rain tree and rose moss around making the space more poetic and romantic.

After you leave the farm, you may visit Phu Le Temple, one of the special cultural and historic imprints on the land of Ben Tre. The temple was built in 1826 and ordained in 1851 under the reign of Emperor Tu Duc. The temple is grandiose and beautiful, with many artifacts of pure art such as sculptures, reliefs and distiches... The extremely fine craftsmanship will definitely make you feel fascinated. However, as the temple is not maintained regularly and only holds a ceremony once a year on the Ky Yen Festival in the third lunar month, there are very few visitors. In addition, the theft of artifacts remains rampant, so this place is nearly deserted, covered in moss under the lush foliage of long-standing trees.

Near the ancient village is the home of artisan Ba Dan, the keeper of the essence of a rice alcohol named Phu Le, with the secret of a yeast made from traditional Chinese and Vietnamese medicine passed down from generation to generation. The rich taste and the fragrance of sticky rice is what distinguish this traditional alcohol and an industrial one. Today, it is very rare that a craft is associated with the name of a land. And to continue the traditional job of the family, Ba Dan has passed down the craft to his son so that visitors can come here, have a good taste of the rice alcohol and enjoy the sweet and soft chicken steamed with this liquor.

The tour program is suitable for groups of less than 100 tourists to have direct experience with an affordable package offered by TST tourist.

Contact: 0909.026.629 for more information.

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