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Spectacular Seorak in the golden leaf season

Friday, 18/10/2019, 14:46 GMT+7

Though autumn is the shortest season of the year in South Korea, it is certainly filled with memorable moments with a lovely, dreamlike picture of the charming natural scenery adorned with the splendid colors of the wonderful season when leaves transform. In addition to the famous attractions that have become familiar with all tourists like Jeju, Nami and Everland, the mountain of Seorak is a destination that cannot be missed every fall.

Located in the Seorak Mountain National Park complex in Gangwon Province, Seorak is the third highest mountain in South Korea, with the peak of Daecheong as its highest point at 1,708 meters above sea level. This is the starting point of the leaf changing season in South Korea, so the best time to pay the Seorak Mountain National Park a visit is from late September to early October. This time of the year is also ideal for mountaineers who want to conquer Seorak and experience the best autumn in this beautiful country. To fully explore this national park complex, follow the pathway on the firmly built wooden corridors to ascend Seorak. At a height of more than a thousand meters, to see firsthand the vast, immense space of heaven and earth amid the majestic mountains intermingled with the sea of trees with yellow and red leaves that stretch endlessly within the floating clouds shall leave anyone dazzled and even in shock with the breathtaking landscape. Visitors will be able to capture wonderful photos with the yellow and red leaves to their hearts’ content.

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

For those who prefer a more leisure activity, the modern cable car system that takes only five minutes to go up the mountain is recommended. There, it seems a whole new world is unfolded in front of your eyes, as Mother Nature has bestowed upon this land a magnificent cloak with the charming autumn foliage wrapping around the solemn ridges, stealing the hearts of beholders. It is interesting that you can hear a piece of music played somewhere in a cable car that traverses Seorak Mountain, which combined with the surrounding majestic scenery shall offer an extremely marvelous feeling. Music is a great catalyst in the midst of the beautiful, immense mountains and forests. After a cable car ride across the best parts of Seorak Mountain, you will reach the 300m-long ruins of Gwongeumseong Fortress on the summit to recollect a glorious past. It is said that this fortress was built in the 13th century to oppose the invading Mongol forces.

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

Continuing the journey to explore Seorak, you may reach the famous valley of Cheonbuldong with huge stones on either side of the cliff that look like thousands of peaceful statues, giving birth to a magical masterpiece of nature that shall fill you with tremendous admiration. Besides, a visit to the sacred temple of Sinheung to pray for all good things for your relatives and friends is another memorable experience of this harmonious space in the holy land of Buddhism amid the high mountains.


Leave Seorak for Seoul and you shall get lost in a colorful world with chill winds gently blowing in a romantic autumn space. Along the streets, you shall easily catch sight of the rows of trees that have now turned radiantly golden as they welcome you. In the heart of the capital city, you will have the opportunity to encounter the artificial stream of Cheonggyeocheon with its refreshing flow. This is a public destination frequented by families, couples and street artists. A brand new highlight in Seoul that you should not miss is Starfield Library located in COEX Mall. This state-of-the-art library is elegantly designed with hundreds of books constantly updated every day. In addition, the fun art show Painters Hero will definitely bring a lot of delighted laughter that helps you feel more relaxed after the busy days of work.

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