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Star apples in Lo Ren-Vinh Kim

Thursday, 19/03/2015, 09:00 GMT+7
Lo Ren star apples
This popular fruit is named after a blacksmith who did the crossbreeding to create this variety of star apple.


The star apple grown in Vinh Kim Commune of Chau Thanh District in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang has a round shape and thin skin, small seeds and thick flesh.


Around this time of year, local people transport star apples from their farms to wholesale markets. The fruit can be found at many local markets and along the provincial routes in the Mekong Delta.


According to a trader identified as Nguyet in Vinh Kim Market, the star apple season lasts from the tenth to second lunar month. What makes the fruit special is its original taste will be lost if it is grown elsewhere.


Nguyet said a delicious Lo Ren-Vinh Kim star apple has a pinkish skin. Meanwhile, another famous species which is bigger and has purple and green colors is less sweet than the former.


Another worker of Tam Minh fruit storehouse said the Vinh Kim star apple has also found its way to some foreign countries. “In the peak season, we can pack around 100 boxes of star apples a day. Most of the local shipments are transported by road while export shipments are carried by air,” he said.


The star apple is a specialty of the Mekong Delta because the warm and humid climate as well as the alluvial soil there are favorable conditions to grow this kind of fruit. Apart from Tien Giang, it is also grown in Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Dong Thap, Can Tho and Tra Vinh.


Source: info.vn