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TST tourist with Linh Xuan Center for Child Care and Protection

Friday, 24/05/2019, 10:47 GMT+7

It is planned that on June 4, 2017, together with customers and press agencies, TST Tourist executives and employees will pay a visit to the Linh Xuan Center for Child Care and Protection to give gifts to orphans, play with and cook for them.

On May 9, 2017, the “TST Tourist fund for community” was officially established on the occasion of the launch of the 2017 Exciting Summer program, with the witness of numerous customers and media agencies. The program has received positive response from the company’s employees and labor union members, all aiming to provide direct care for orphans and children with disabilities at centers and open houses in HCMC and other localities.

Each customer going on a tour accompanies TST Tourist by contributing VND3,000-30,0000 to the charity fund. The high level of fund deduction is to implement long-term and more frequent plans. The first round of the program will take place on June 4, 2017 at the Linh Xuan Center for Child Care and Protection, 30/3 Ba Giang (No. 5 Street), Linh Xuan Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC (near Linh Xuan Overpass, Thu Duc).

During this round, TST Tourist will present gifts including rice, milk, toilet soap for infants and young kids, tissues and many items and confectioneries, to help the center take better care of the children.

The center is now taking care of 116 children who were orphaned as soon as they were born at various hospitals and other places. Some of them were abandoned due to mother-to-child HIV transmission at birth. However, at this center, you will see a very open, clean and well-organized space. This is to ensure hygiene to prevent the children from opportunistic diseases. The children here are treated with medicine, offered long-term medical examination and carefully taught about hygiene to prevent infection.

The volunteer program “TST tourist fund for community” is a practical and humanistic action for TST Tourist to constantly develop and take care of the community, while building a staff with a big heart and responsibility towards the community, to better serve the society in addition to the business mission, contributing to the development of the tourism industry of Vietnam in general and of HCMC in particular.


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